Creative Director

Anna K. Johannsdottir



Anna is a talented and creative artist born and raised in Iceland having been educated in Iceland, and denmark for 9 years in ceramics, painting and design. She has worked creatively from her own gallery in Br√łnderslev in Denmark "Mylund Keramik" ever since. She has visited countless locations and countries teaching and experiencing different cultures and worlds. Her life as a free thinking and creative mind makes her the ideal creative director for our different projects.

Director of Photagraphy

Ismail Bakr



Ismail was born and raised in Egypt. Educated in the faculty of art in Minya, learning the skills and the knowledge to create wonderful movies and films with a creative mindset and artistic view. Having won numerous prizes during his work in the industry including ones in Germany, Russia, and his home country of Egypt. He has set out to start working on new projects together with Media Art Connections in both directing and writing.


Ehab Naga Dakroury



Ehab, born and raised in Egypt. Belonging to a highly prestigious family in Egypt. After finishing his education in Political sociology and getting his bachelor in social sciences at Ain Shams University he began working in TV and Radio productions. Was in the Political parliament twice and Hosting " The Political Field" A live TV show on Channel 7.

Being a writer of many works he came to Denmark in 2013 and began working with Esmael and Anna to prepare for the emergence of Media Art Connections


Who are we?


We are a small group consisting of a Director of Photography, Creative Director, Producer and Project Manager. Those are naturally just the main titles while underneath we are all scattered around all kinds of different jobs, interesecting on the different areas of expertices and works.


Below you will read about the four main components and gears that make Media Art Connections turn.


Why in Denmark?


The reason why we would like to establish our company here in Denmark is the fact that: This noble country, with its beautiful nature, along with the great Danish people allowed us to identify and communicate with different types of art and diverse cultures and, revealed to us areas of Beauty, creativity and sophistication and civilization which we hope to see prevailing everywhere.

Moreover, the participation of the wonderful humane figure and great artist Anna Johannsdottir has inspired us to dream and is amazingly helping us so that the dream may come true.

We are very enthusiastic about contributing to the promotion and development of arts and creativity and sharing the cultural as well as the economic revenues with the surrounding community

Media Art Connections

Creating New Connections

Working closely with organizations and different countries around the world Media Art Connections strive to create a better world of understand and comprehension through the art of media

Why Media Art Connections?


Establishing this company represents a dream that we have been working to achieve in a long time. The joint efforts of people from different backgrounds but all share the same dream will work as a creative cultural channel that connects various civilizations.

We believe that art and culture can always reach beyond time and place to create an overwhelming and inspiring humanitarian disposition that contributes and adds to the happiness of humanity, making them more creative and refining their lives. If the language is sometimes a barrier to communicate with others, the picture, the music, the painting and visual works are a universal means of communication,

This is what we seek to produce and promote through establishing this media-production company, especially that we are well qualified and equipped to play such a role, due to our studies and degrees in this field, our long practical experience in the production of films, TV shows and different works of art, in addition to our resourceful background of the Egyptian culture and civilization.

Project Manager and Editor

David Mar




David Mar was born and raised in Denmark going through numerous different educations in both art, acting, photography and design then after several years of organising and planning japanese pop culture conventions, his knowledge came into fruition when he was called in to help his mother (Anna K. Johannsdottir) in the new company Media Art Connections. Having both designed the logo, managing the website and the email his services and assistance remains invaluable for the company. Working primarily with Sound and editing on most of the projects.

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